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RCDevs WebADM is Web-based LDAP administration software designed for professionals to manage LDAP organization resources such as domain users and groups. WebADM is also a core framework component and management console for RCDevs SOAP-based Web Services (e.g. OpenOTP, OpenID, and OpenPKI) and for the related end-user WebApps (e.g. User Self Service Desk). It provides a hierarchical view of LDAP organizations, SQL audit trails, and powerful LDAP management features. It includes delegated administration and fine-grained access control to LDAP resources; administrators can be created at different levels of the tree structure, with different privileges and views. WebADM is compatible with Novell eDirectory, OpenLDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory (Windows Server 2008).

Operating Systems

Last announcement

WebADM goes 1.1 24 Feb 2011 18:20

RCDevs is proud to announce the availability of WebADM 1.1. This version includes great enhancements for OpenOTP such as per-client application access control and policies. With the new features of version 1.1, WebADM+OpenOTP becomes one of the most advanced enterprise authentication solution.

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2014 10:11

    Release Notes: This major version update includes a lot of new features and enhancements including hardware encryption with YubiHSM, improved clustering support, and paged LDAP results for large deployments. Freeware usage has been extended to 40 users.

    •  27 Sep 2013 16:39

      Release Notes: This release includes many fixes and new features. It includes better support for ActiveDirectory, Hardware Token Inventories, big performance and cryptographic improvements, better key management, client policies, geolocations, WebApps for mobiles, and much more. It is now free for 35 users.

      •  02 Jan 2013 10:05

        Release Notes: This version includes many new features such as geolocalisation, IP location-based policies, and enhanced user data encryption. There are some bugfixes.

        •  22 Jul 2012 14:38

          Release Notes: An LDAP connection failover problem with TLS was fixed. A Unicode bug introduced in 1.2.1-1 was fixed. The user data encryption system was enhanced. Several emails can be set for 'alert_email' in webadm.conf. HTTPd logs are prefixed with the app name and session ID for Admin and Manager logs. Functions were added to the Manager interface: 'Get_QRCode' and 'Get_Random_bytes'. QR Codes can be generated in GIF, PNG and JPEG formats. Syslog support was added. POSIX groups are supported (with memberUid). The group_mode ('disabled') can be used in webadm.conf to disable the group support.

          •  05 Mar 2012 12:57

            Release Notes: This major release introduces the WebADM Remote Manager Interface. The Manager provides a simple Json-RPC interface allowing remote access to WebADM internal management features and to the operations provided by the registered applications. The remote functions are performed by sending RPC commands to the Manager URL. The release also includes many interface enhancements for Admin and WebApps. The 1.2 branch is certified compliant with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements.


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