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rxtx is a native library for serial and parallel communication in Java. It provides a portable implementation of Sun's JavaCOMM standard, and runs on various Unixes, Mac OS X, BeOS, Microsoft Windows and others.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Aug 2002 03:56

    Release Notes: Bugfixes resulting from third party QA tests, and multiple extensions for custom needs.

    •  06 Dec 2001 03:47

      Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes, updates, and new features, including support for full CommAPI on Linux, Win32, and Solaris.

      •  21 Sep 2001 10:15

        Release Notes: Win32 fixes (NT tested). Initial Solaris port (2.6 tested). Initial Mac OS X port (10.1 tested). 1.5 package renamed to Memory leak Cleanups. Cross-compile fixes. Various Windows fixes. Makefile for building on mingw32 systems in DOS. uucp_lock file support.

        •  10 Oct 2000 08:29

          Release Notes: Rxtx now builds on Irix, HP-UX, Win32 and BSD. Support for Cyclades, Comtrol and Stallion cards, and many other Linux devices has been added. Support for both the IBM JDK and Sun JDK 1.3 included. Bugfixes.

          •  04 May 1999 02:13

            Release Notes: Improved build process, software flow control and multiple bug fixes.

            Recent comments

            16 Dec 1999 10:52 trentjarvi

            Announcements for RXTX can be found on the rxtx home page.
            No effort is made to keep the latest info on freshmeat. The Links will be maintained.

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