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SMS spoof is a PalmOS application that allows you to send spoofed SMS messages. It uses a dialup connection to an EMI/UCP-compatible SMSC. It can be used with a modem connected to the Palm, such as an IR link to a GSM phone with a built-in modem. SMS spoof has been tested with Telenor's SMSC in Norway, but it should work with any SMSC that supports the EMI/UCP protocol, as long as no authentication is required.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Sep 2001 23:51

    Release Notes: Better handling of modem response, and SMS spoof should also work with Ericsson phones.

    Recent comments

    05 Nov 2001 06:40 sannum

    SMSC numbers
    These SMSCs has been verified to work for sending international messages (see comment above):

    +46 740930000 (Sweden/Telia)
    +32 495955205 (Belgium/Mobistar)
    +31 653141414 (Netherlands/KPN)
    +41 794998990 (Switzerland/Swisscom)

    The SMSCs below are reported to support the UCP protocol, but may only work for national or their own subscribers:

    +47 90002198 (Norway/Telenor)
    +45 43625250 (Denmark/TeleDanmark)
    +358 209801 (Finland/Sonera)
    +49 1722278020 (Germany/D2)
    +354 9541010 (Island/Landssími Íslands)
    +351 962113000 (Portugal/TNM)

    08 Oct 2001 03:23 sannum

    Using international SMSCs
    I get a lot of questions from users using a GSM operator without an UCP SMSC. To use other international SMSCs you have to use your telcos normal international prefix for the call, not the + prefix you usually use on international calls on your phone. E.g. to use Telias SMSC at +46740930000 (Sweden), use 0046740930000 if 00 is your operators international prefix.

    The same goes for the reciever of the message, but here you have to use the SMSC operator's international prefix. For the SMSC above that is 00, so to send a message to an UK phone use 0044 and the phone number. The number you want as sender you pass the normal way, the message will be recieved with no changes on this number.


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