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No download Website Updated 09 Feb 2005 MiG Base64 Codec

Pop 16.85
Vit 58.26

MiGBase64 is a very fast and small Base64 codec. It doesn't create temporary arrays as many others do, and is 7 to 100 times faster than Sun's built-in codec, and 2 to 5 times faster than the Commons base64 codec.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2013 dotCMS

Pop 130.98
Vit 14.32

dotCMS is a J2EE Web Content Management System (CMS) which includes a number of features which other Open Source CMS solutions do not. It is extremely easy for both users and developers to work with, and any number of new applications can be built within its framework. It features a multi-tenant/virtual hosting form builder, customizable/extensible workflow engine PHP, Groovy, Ruby, and Python scripting support, a full starter site using Responsive Design (Bootstrap framework), including a mobile version, custom content types, files as content, full-text document and metadata indexing, pessimistic content check-in/checkout, site-wide templating, object level permissions, clustering support, widgets and macros, a robust plugin architecture, an easy Windows installer, ElasticSearch for performance and horizontal scalability, an OSGI implementation, Spring 3 MVC Support, enterprise site searches, an accessibility checker in the WYSIWYG, RESTful APIs to access content and widgets, an integrated help system, and more.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2005 Wap-GuestBook

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Vit 1.00

Wap-GuestBook is a WAP-based guestbook. It has the same features as a normal Web-based guestbook. It contains fields for name, email address, comments, and various optional fields. It stores the information in a database. It has built-in word censor, email-validator, and URL-validator functions. A user can view results either by ASC or DESC order.

Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2006 quickmail.php

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Vit 3.63

quickmail.php is a script that reads email from a mail server and outputs it in RSS format that can be displayed in a browser (as XML, using included XSL/CSS) or an RSS aggregator or as WML for use on WAP devices (mobile phones/PDAs). The output has been tested and found to be valid XSL/CSS, valid XML/RSS, and valid WML.

Download No website Updated 18 Jun 2005 Concurrence

Pop 24.66
Vit 1.41

Concurrence is a networked file editing program that enables multiple people to modify a document simultaneously.

No download Website Updated 10 Aug 2005 BtFree

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Vit 1.00

BtFree is a library for creating client-server applications that communicate over a Bluetooth connection. You can use it in your MIDP application or in a Java application that uses an implementation of JSR82. It allows you to create applications with client-server interaction easily, avoiding the need to know JSR82 and the problems related.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2005 midpsmtp

Pop 14.90
Vit 56.40

midpsmtp is a Java (J2ME) MIDP application (MIDlet) that allows you to send short email messages from MIDP-capable devices such as cellphones and PDAs.

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2006 tRSS

Pop 43.70
Vit 2.34

tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headlines from a number of news sites and have individual databases and feeds. It is readable by users and can be parsed by an XML parser. Users can reduce the duration of connection by separate online and offline parts.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2008 ussp-push

Pop 33.14
Vit 3.01

ussp-push is a BlueTooth OBEX object pusher for Linux, using the BlueZ BlueTooth stack. It allows sending files to any device listening for OBEX connections.

No download Website Updated 09 Oct 2005 Bluechat

Pop 17.32
Vit 1.00

Bluechat allows you to text send messages quickly from your Bluetooth-enabled device to other Bluetooth receivers within range. Bluechat automatically searches for neighbors with whom you can chat. Bluechat can send messages to nodes that are out of range by using nodes that are within range as relays. Access points or any other wireless infrastructure is not needed. It requires a device that supports JSR-82 and J2ME MIDP 2.0.


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A learning management system.


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Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.