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Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2002 PaCyrr

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PaCyrr is a small tool which is used to convert databases of some Palm OS built-in applications (Address Book, Date Book, Memo Pad, To Do List, etc.) between different Cyrillic encodings.

No download Website Updated 27 Jul 2010 The Frink Language

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Frink is a calculating tool and programming language designed to help you in the real world. It tracks units of measurement throughout all calculations and ensures that answers are correct. It converts between systems of measurement, and has a huge library of physical data. It is both a simple calculator for quick calculations and a full-fledged programming language for large tasks. It draws high-quality graphics, handles conversions between time zones, currencies, and historical values of the U.S. dollar and the British pound, translates between several languages, does date/time math, and more.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2012 liblinebreak

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Liblinebreak is an implementation of the line breaking algorithm as described in Unicode Standard Annex 14. It breaks lines that contain Unicode characters. It is designed to be used in a generic text renderer. FBReader is one real-world example.


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An easy-to-use high-level PKI library.


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Encrypted email, chat, and file storage and sharing.